2.22 AM

…. These insomniac gotta go! Seriously, I’ve been getting lesser sleep when I’m really that tired. Not too sure if my mind been preoccupied with all that wedding prep or am I just wasting my night time away, just … stoning? This week, we’re filled with appointments with the vendors which is likely, or more so errrr, how do I put it? Should I say, high likely we’re gonna engage their wedding services for our big day? The boy figured that we are so gonna engaged SID for their decor services. That kind of dream wedding you’ve always wanted… (think) white wedding with lots of colorful posies, roses or what have yous! I never thought that this boyfriend of mine have such a creative idea when it comes to decorations and stuffs like that? (shame on me) Well you know, men they don’t really fancy all that whimsies and such, but the boy proved me wrong!

Now tell me, how not to love this angel? ;D

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