Sign… Sealed

20120508-111454.jpg 20120508-111516.jpg 20120508-111522.jpg 20120508-111537.jpg 20120508-111603.jpg So, we met up with SID yesterday evening. I seriously think it was worth our decision to engage their services for our big day. What’s not to love with their decor? We both like it simple… with tiny bit of colors, or course! I really can’t imagine how our end product gonna look like? Looking at this, could already bring me to cloud 9! Now, now, where should we have our venue be held? Should we do it indoors? Outdoors? Hotel style, country club? We both couldn’t stand the heat, but very mentel us, angan-angan want to have that kinda outdoor dinner style, just like how the Caucasians held their wedding. But I seriously feel that there are a lot of other factors that we both have to consider.. .. Big family, even bigger complain! What if it’s raining, when it’s done outdoors? What if it’s too hot? What if the venue may cause inconvenience to our relatives? A lot of what ifs! so many factors to consider. I’m glad  our families are open to the idea that we have lay down for them. Well as you can see, we both don’t live that near. With one on the upper east side, and the other down west. We both need to find somewhere centralize.. With that he suggested the grassroots club or the orchid country club.. I love OCC! We’ll save the ranting for another day. Gonna recce the place this midweek with the boy! Can you feel our eggcitement?!

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