Make me pretty, please!

Last midweek, the boy and I really had a tough time deciding on which bridal to choose from. Not so much for him, but me. I couldn’t really decide what should I look out for. I’ve always thought, they’re all the same. Little did I know, there are a lot of other stuffs that I need to consider looking out for, especially my needs. Long before, I told myself, when I get married, I wanna keep the wedding dress that I customized myself. Weighing my option between, the wedding dress, or my baju nikah. Should I customize both? It’ll be great! Part deluxe of this headache, who can do this better job, sewing? So many factors to think, what if it doesn’t fit me nicely, what if it doesn’t turn out how it’s suppose to be. Hahaha! I know right, unnecessary stress! Can’t help it, boo! Meanwhile, I’ve got my eyes on these! In love with her gown! Really I do. Something not too expose and not too much covered, just how I like it!



I’m so in love with two.. FM and PetiSolek. Can’t decide, both are as good! One caters to my needs, well the other one to my want. So what is it gonna be? More to come when I’ve finally decide. Till another post? 😘

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