Dessert by the bald man?




Fridate with the usuals at max brenner. I’ve been craving for sweet treats the past nights. Not too sure if it’s the hormones right after every monthly cycle or the boy had pass me his sweet.. tooth? I choose to believe its the latter. Haha!

So … We’re taking a break from all the wedding prep. Still dangling with the bridal decision and the obvious.. our venue. We’ve been discussing, and I think somehow, we’ve come to a solution (a fast decision before we decide to call it a night). We’re gonna go for our needs. This want(s) list never ends. Really! Yes We’re spoilt for choices, and this choices are not helping us a single bit, cause ALL of it are just as good, you see! Decision making ain’t my forte. Meh! 😉

In all honesty, I am enjoying every bit of this preparation with the boy. What’s not to love when he’s been such a great sport? You’re amazink, boo! Gonna sleep a happy lady tonight, the boy been texting me sweet nothing’s, ahhhhhhhh! Too cute, guten natch you!

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