confirm, chop venue!

Last week, the boy and I paid a visit to the Grasssroot Club. Did a little bit recce here and there. The place is huge ass (only because it’s empty!) Can’t imgaine how the whole works gonna look like when all the pieces comes in. Chairs, dais, buffet set up, performance corner, tables and chairs etc… Will it look as spacious as it is? The boy specifically said the other time, he can’t stand kepanasan. (who does la kan?) Which only means, the whole place need to be heavily filled with fans and even better if there’s portable air-conditioners placed at every corner. Will that do darlink? -_-

…. so yeah! Venue checked (!!) I know of places that doesn’t allow booking of venue 6months prior to your wedding. I’ll be paranoid android, 6 months? How can?! We’re glad that the Grassroot Club cater a year ahead to your planned wedding. Da tak payah pening kepala already. *beams*

  • venue
  • catering
  • decor
  • bridal
  • photography & videography

.. big things = big headaches. Thank god, the major ones are already strike off the list (phew!). So moving on .. the catering? We’ll leave this one to the family unit. Kinda eggcited to get both families seated together and have their reviews on the food. The bulk of all this preparation goes in here, can you believe it?! *shakes head* Speaking of food, I’m so hungry now.

Till my next ranting, bella?

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