Gelang emas buat cik yati sayank?

The boy and I haven’t been going on dates that much of late. Can you imagine how busy we both are nowadays? It’s like when I’m all lesser busy he’ll be working his butt off for a full day and vice versa. I shouldn’t be complaining, after all we’re working to save the moo lahs for our big day. Sometimes I wonder, why do we hafta spend so much for a day of wedding celebration? Last I check with a friend who recently tied the knot, she spend a total amount of 80 grand! That’s just crazy! Now and then, we try to keep ourselves grounded, reminding one another we have a budget to meet and not please. But in all honesty, I’m pretty sure we both have a dream wedding to meet and expectations to kill. Does how grand a wedding look, will stop a person from talking? Either ways, everyone talks babe. Be it small wedding, grand wedding or even an average one too. Weddings, you can never have nothing to talk about. Some even share with me, that sometimes, it gets everyone together, while for some, it falls apart. Gets pretty much scary, come to think of it, kan? Recently too, we both been discussing, should we have the tradition, masok meminang/ merisik just for the sake of our culture. I know it is necessary, as both families are strong believers of such, how should we get it started? Does that mean, we are engaged? (a.k.a wedding proposal?) pardon us both for the lack of understanding of our culture, sometimes we do get lost in translation. This is not like an every day thing you see mat and minah getting confused nak kahwin hokay? The orang kuat in my family, thinks its a nice way to represent ourselves as fiancé, when we’re out on dates. Yeah, nice in status, but reality check, it’s the same status like being in a relationship (only that, Dah kena chop?) …so to speak, da kene chop, lagi banyak pantangs? Hehehe! Told you, this topic never end with a full stop. Kinda eggcited about the whole process. Cant never imagine myself that demure, waiting patiently for the boy’s family to sarung gelang on me? (the boy and i then, were too eggcited, got ourselves a bvlgari ring, thinking its just between us, two) Back to basic, all over again. Buang beras? No la, keep us rooted aje. Heh! So honey, masok minang, yok? 😍

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