Yang sedang-sedang saja

I’ve been spending most of my free time surfing for some bridal ideas. Kan, so much for saying, no to all this, now da Jadi macam bedtime story! (What have wedding done to me?) although there’s not much of Malay wedding to google on, I have some favorites that I’ve bookmarked here in iPad. Ouch, the irony! So much of thinking of having a traditional wedding, here i am, amused with all the orang puteh wedding! So nice, so simple yet so elegant! Love love love their bridal outfits and make up. Not too goddy! Just like how me and the boy prefer.






.. So. I did some ‘research’ on some friends who had engaged FM bridal for their wedding. Omg, I’m truly awed by the works of kak FM. Not too dramatic yet classy looking. I am always worried I’ll look like some wayang cina on the dais. Da la mata besar.. Too much of eye make up will only make me look even scarier! Eeeew, tak nak jadi bridezilla please! Then again, mom always cakap.. “kalau lawa, macam mana make up pon tetap Jambu!” – ok la datin, you’re so right! Does this mean, anak you nie, Jambu ke tak datin? HAHA! So tak perlu, confirm datin will just roll her eyes maha 360deg. The datin once told me, when it comes to bridal, everything falls into the same category.. To make you look beautiful. The choice of outfits too play an important role on our big day. Now I understand why datin keep emphasizing on the outfits.

Firstly , with the weather pretty much unpredictable, choosing an songket outfit, might be out of the question. Both me and the boy cannot take heat, gatal-gatal and everything else that comes in between. She suggested, pakai baju yang berangin.. Oh datin, dengar2 outfit pengantin ade kipas ke? Secondly, biar bermanik-manik, as long tak ter-over the top. Now now, where did that come from? I always thought the mother of the bride sukaaaaaaa over the top kan? In this case, datin don’t like it too. Ahhhhh, like datin and mini datin. So easy to please, that’s my datin for you. β€πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’›

Another 3 hrs to go before the clock hits 5pm.. Got a date with the boy and kak Lynn tonight! I miss the boy so much, haiz, orang tengah bercinta nie kan..


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