Baby, take a chance on me?


Day número siete.. Its been a busy week. We’ve been spending most of our time on a brunch/lunch date break. That is how cruel working life has turn us into. Ok, I sound so dramatic here, but yeah like it or not, thats how it’s been the past 7days. We’ve been preoccupied with work trying to meet appointment dates, due date and our much deserved date! how I wish there’s more than 24hrs in a day! I am counting down till the next 10days… Can’t wait to be out of city singers for our short getaway on my birthdate. Awww shucks, I’m turning 25!!!!

… The other day I was sharing with the boy, what has it been like at 24? I’m not too sure if this is some kind of a myth, but apparently the girlfriends think I’m glowing? Wow! That is quite a big deal to me, you see? It must’ve been love! The boy? He’s been amazing!! No amount of words could describe what it’s been like for the past months. Who would have thought that this could turn out to something that is so real? Ok, Lets be realistic here, love knows no boundaries they say..? Well for someone living in the millennium (me) who strongly doesn’t believe in such, gotta put her guards down. It is really happening to me! Oh god, why do you put me in such a state of happiness, without any warnings, HAHA? My heart skip a million beat each time he’s here with me, ain’t funny hokay? Cupid being too cute, having to fall in love all over again, has got to be the bestest feeling in the world!

Ahhhh, I’m missing the boy so much! Can’t wait for him to carpe diem. All I can think of, is to laze with him and talk nothing less about us, our future and everything underneath the stars. Hey kids, if ever you get to read your mommy’s diary, please do not laugh at mommy hokay. Like you, mommy do fall in love too, and that’s how you got all your good features from hor! (ok WOW!!) Well, a girl can only dream.. To fall in love with someone you can trust, who would never give up, cause you’re all that he needs, has got to be the best feeling in the world kids! For me? I do believe in this one, he’s my unintended indeed

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