Oh London. I’ve missed you so. I can just sit at Pret-A-Manger and people watch, all day every day. There’s just something about this place, I myself can’t get enough of. This, could actually be our honeymoon destination? Hmmmm. Summer in June, can never go wrong. Albeit the humid weather, everything else seem so perfect. For the past four years (including ze holiday with the sister) London in my eyes have never reached its maximum of 28degress Celsius! But today! It was heat wave I tell you… I never sweat this much here.

… Finally, I get to have a taste of the most talk about, Lola’s cupcakes. Well nothing beats my Magnolia Bakery though. But the cheesecake, oh-so-freakin’ sedap please! Not shy, finished up my batch girls’ portion. It has this tangy after taste, and it melts in your mouth too. Doesn’t require you to bite / munch at all. YUPP! It’s that smooth 🍰 when it comes to food, if you know me well enough, I kid you not. A must go at Selfridge’s!

And I have another slice right here, in my fridge, should I? Should I not? Oh please it’s 0400hrs at GMT+1. Hehehe, sleep?

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