The perfect palette

So here I am in Zurich, armed with a book, cuppa and an iPad in hand. I’ve got too much time to kill before a girlfriend of mine arrive here. Since I had a little bit of time, I googled for some wedding inspiration boards, and voila! I am so hooked to perfect pallete! They’ve got all the colors for you to choose from and mood boards for us yang da gatal nak kahwin to have an idea of what you wanna do for your wedding. Genius kan? I like how the orang puteh coordinates their color scheme on their weddings. From the decor to the dining table, to the guest list, to the food presentation, to the wedding invitations, door gifts and so much more. So prim and proper! Minah like like like! Such inspiration! Me want too. Here are a few of my favorite colors. Chantek hor?






… Then again, here comes the mother of all irony when it comes to Malay wedding concept. Would it be apt? So minah here, went through SID Facebook page, and tryna see if SID have done color pallete for his decor…. And yes! He did. Everyone knows that SID is well known for his all white affair decor. And minah sugguh gatal, nak add colors lor. Gatal sangat. The boy at the beginning already mention he wanted an ALL WHITE wedding la kan, but minah (just like the seasons, she also changes her mind!) Maybe i should propose to the boy, the colors that i have in mind. Who knows, he might just change his mind too! Hahaha. Colors complicated confirm mintak kene siku seven dengan si dia! jangan cakap the boy, dengan abang SID jugak agak Nya! šŸ˜‚

Way before we had this kahwin-kahwin talk, the boy and I had this idea in mind. Having it simple with not too much complications. I guess this perfect palette sure comes in handy! White chivalry chairs, dash of peach spread on the guest table and a wide white decor with a lil bit of every red and peach colors. So apt with what I had in mind for my wedding dress! Ahhhh, imagination running wild. Ni la dia, da tak sabar nak kahwin. Padahal, we’re 502 days away from our wedding šŸ˜±

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