25 candles on my cake










20120611-065304.jpg I turned twenty-five today! Doesn’t matter which part of the globe I am. I’m glad that the people who mattered the most to me are here by my side, counting down the days, hours, minutes with me. Who would have thought that I’ve cut in total 6 birthday cakes in less than a week. Ambik Kau! Zumba mau lebih gini macam. HAHAHA. Usually, I don’t really know what do I wish for, each time I blew the candle on my cakes. This year, it seems different. Life hasn’t been smooth sailing, I’m glad that I manage to succumb life with lots of positive vibes. I thank god for every breath that i take, every smile carved on my face and the laughter I shared with anyone that truly deserve these joy. They say life starts at 25? Hmmm, I couldn’t agree more! My life have been amazing, ….. embracing this age with grace (keep calm and stay classy!) I’ve met the love of my life in a place where I never thought I would found him, my family… who have never give up on me, friends who saw me through every heart breaks and a best friend who have been sticking through thick and thin for the past 20 years. Everything seem to fall in place. I can never thank each and every one of you. Here’s to many more birthdays to come! (Insyaallah) …. My beau, I’m not too sure if you’ll read this. (cause he believe blogging is a girl thing) Thank you, for everything. Thank you for being the awesomest person since day 1. You’re the best thing that had ever happened to me. I can’t wait till the day, I’m officially yours! Sayank you 😘

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