Back and whacked! Can’t believe myself that I’ve outdo myself physically. I am 10 tones darker. So bad that I gotta go back to my trusted make up artist to instill the makeup powder on my face. Ahhh, the trouble with us women. We can never step out of the house without a lil whee bit of make up. Well, at least for me. So.. What has it been like turning a quarter century old eh? Hmmm like macam biasa only. Still no super powers in sight. Hahaha! But, the boy and I just got back from Krabi with our favorite husband and wife. Such honour to be celebrating their wedding monthsary together with them! So err, what’s day one like? Apart from eating non stop hits from the ever so famous talk about pancake shop, pak Ali, we’ve been doing lotsa water activities! (Babtu macam mak Hiram sekarang, as quoted by the boy himself!) haiz confirm gain weight balek nie. And then malam sikit we went for the cabaret show. The lady’s boy so Jambu can! Even prettier than any of us here. Hands down, maintenance must be really high hor? Bet the boys are secretly enjoying themselves with all the boob trap by the lady boys! Hahaha. Oops. Laser! 20120618-121626.jpg 20120618-121618.jpg 20120618-121644.jpg 20120618-121655.jpg Then comes day two! Our hardcore having fun in the sun comes in, minah totally forgot about her sun block. Thinking it was still okay, not to put some sunblock on her face,and then bam! Malam tu jugak minah got so traumatized with e drastic change of skin tone. Tu la, biler tunang nye suruh letak sun block tak nk dengar. Kan da belegam! Hahaha. That’s so funny. I really can’t recall what are the islands that we hop on to, but it’s enough to know that we spend most of our time on the boat, sleeping and then jump for joy like kanak-kanak when we step foot on the beach! Well what to do, Singapore doesn’t really have nice beaches to begin with! But it’s clean la Singapore, only consolation lor. 20120618-121707.jpg 20120618-121727.jpg Day three? We were anticipating the elephant ride. For real. I remember when I was 12 I was in Chiangmai for a school trip and we took the elephant ride too, but this time around, it’s so epic! I look much much worried than I should be enjoying the ride with the boy. The boy being such a hero lor. Nak Jadi Tarzan kott? Looking at our photos, sajak la Kita dia kan. Gezek mau Lebih! Ape nak buat kan? 20120618-121717.jpg 20120618-121741.jpg That summarize our trip to krabi. Amboi, kalah orang honeymoon. In a span of two months we went for two separate holiday. Love it! Back to reality. Gotta work and save up for the wedding. 487 days left sey..

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