Another day, just breathe



Just the other day, the boy and I randomly thought of getting ourselves a matching outfit for hari raya. Found the perfect material! Can’t wait to tailor it. Wonder what’s the outcome gonna be like. We’re thinking of getting another pair, which we thought of getting off the racks in any case if our baju turns out to be a major disaster! Hahaha. Supaaaa kiasu? But I just can’t help it. Anyone can make an honest mistake, what more tailoring your outfit? Dari takde baju nak Pakai, might as well. orang Suka melawa, mcm gitu la ye perangai nyerrrr. can’t believe this year, I’ll be fasting on board on the first day of puasa. I’m like neither here nor there. More likely I’m up in the air between LAX and Tokyo. The datin always remind me that, I don’t have to fast especially when I’m up in the air. But honestly mom? I would. Its like testing your endurance with hunger. (macam faham!) but seriously, it’s the fact? Day break gonna be prolong, for sure, but there are other Muslims friends all over the world, doing the same with me, during the special month. No excuses for me, right? We shall see. If god permits, I’m sure I’ll pull through.

So here I am back in London. This trip, couldn’t get any better! Doing a 322 with a lot of friends on board spells a hell lot of fun. Simply put, hari raya came a lil too early albeit the fact that bulan puasa is in less than a month. Batch girl is here with me too. Ahhh, couldn’t ask for more, so glad she’s here with me. Been taking of me since last night. This slight fever is killing me. Period cramps that’s squeezing me out. And flu that runs like tap water! Ahh what a combo. Cindy, being Cindy, she got me cuppies from Lola’s. She knows I’m a sucker for anything sweet. And there you have it, a box of goodies! Now that she left for Gluocester, I can’t wait to meet another friend of mine for another round of cuppies at the Hummingbird Bakery. Heard so much about it, I must get it! Till another time kids, love, sickly me 😷

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