Heartbeat running away

While browsing through tumblr last night, it got me thinking.. What kinda wedding photos (pre, post) do I wanna see myself and the better half in. Seriously, when you browse through 1001 albums, semuanyer nak! But to pose and make it look surreal, it’s altogether another thing, tiu? Bo tiu? Of course minah here want it to loko as minimal as possible. Looking at the weather here in city singers.. It’s really impossible to stay put with that heavily make up and… ze wedding outfit (eeeek!)! Well, at least for me? Confirm, I’ll get agitated.. and there you have it, photos won’t turn as good la hor? But I can’t help it… These are some of my favorites. Personal favorite? The swinging idea! Supaaa like. Now… Keeping this real, mana nak dapat nie swing in city singers? Ports down pon takde lor!




Chantek right? Mmm, slowly la baby. For sure as time goes by, mesti ade orang pasang swing somewhere. you might never know, skali the boy sendiri pasang the swing? 😂

And then, comes these photographs.. With the best men and bridesmaid. See, when you browse one thing, it’ll lead to another.. can never stop at one.. Kalau boleh, semua nyerrrr dia nak. That’s what the boy would say ALL THE TIME.. Maybe he’ll do it best with a pinching gesture on my nose! (sampai merah like Rudolph lor!) honestly? Who can resist such photographs? So purrrrty lor. Minah like like like!





So now #keepingitreal, gotta be practical with all these. Need ke want? I wouldn’t mind paying extra for all these extra jazz, it’ll be fun kan having friends being part of your wedding. After all, they’re the ones who’s gonna be there, keeping you sane by the dais. Well at least, mine will be. And then minah does what she do best… Google for our local tukang fotografi..




I’ve always thought our local boys are boring. But this one… Prove me wrong. We all know how typical Singaporean Malay wedding shoot could turn out, I might change my opinion 360! Well of course We have ………
*cough cough* sumpah bias la sangat!




Up till now, bakal taukeh, still have yet to accept the taukeh’s company as friends in Facebook lor. Till last night, when she decided to have a look at his creativity. Who would have thought? I’m dating the taukeh now.. From that girl who used to browse his webpage, to someone she calls her tunank seyyy. Oh mat, you’re seriously my unintended! ok dah.. meleret maha meleret 😜

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