Right now, I wish you were here

I’m so wide awake at this hour. The boy gotta serve his recurrent, while me? Lip biting myself to sleep. Gosh, I miss him so much. Is this what it’s suppose to feel like …. when you’re so in love? Why do I feel all so down and moody? Why do I feel like nothing’s fun when he’s not around? Oh god, love? Truly a riddle. Amazing how a ten minute phone call could make us a happy person despite not spending the day together. Irony kan? In all honesty? That phone call means a lot to me babe. 5, 10 or by the hour, it seem to complete my day! Supaaa mushy. that’s legal anyways. Lesigh, 6 more days till I get to be right under your arms, dear. Can’t wait!


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