sweet dreams are made of these

Last night, while having our usual night conversation with the soldier boy, I briefly told him what we already have done for the wedding this far. Being the kiasu singaporean we are, I remember jotting in this nugget that we are 3/4 done with most of our preparations HERE. On top of all this eggcitement, I side track myself a little with some nitty gritty stuff, which could actually be done at a later part of the preparation. While browsing through facebook, I saw a couple of friends who are now successful bakers. One of which, is already tied down with Canele patisserie and the other, in the midst of opening up his bakery business. Both of them are no strangers to me, which I thought, we could engage them for our wedding cake or maybe cake hantaran.

The datin once told me to keep it simple as possible… also if we could avoid messy situation, why not? After so many wedding invitations we went, I can’t help it but to notice the wedding cakes after taking photos with the bride and groom. One can’t help it when you start to notice the icing on the cake starts to melt, flies prancing around the cake and, the cake will be left unattended for at least 6-8 hours before the bride and groom potong cake. Being the hygienic freak I am, I would love it to be fresh (maybe not so, but at least nicely packed) and easy to eat! So we’ve decided on having the macaron tier cake. Colourful and easy to eat kan?

Minah had too much time to kill since the mat had to serve the nation, so with the power of google, she come across the baking sisters on the world wide web. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their creativity! SWEET MERVEILLES caters exactly what we had in mind. Lo and behold, they’re supaa successful, featured in the papers lor. ( now now, where have I been? ) So preettyyyyy kan the macarons? I’m super eggcited for their reply! Never thought it would be this fun, planning for your own wedding. Who needs a wedding planner, when you can get all hyped up.. just by looking at the weddding pinboards?

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