they did it again!


Like many other brides, I’ve been trying to picture, how will our wedding decor be like at our venue. Alot of questions been running through my head, whether the venue will be too crampy ke, too much space ke, (you know… the works) I think SID can read my mind! They have just posted photos recently, weddings held at the Grassroot Club. Sungguh cantek I must say!! Terus in an instant my worries gone.. kapoot! No doubt the price that we paid kinda hefty, but I really think its really worth it. How not to love every single details of the decoration? From the chivalry chairs, to the guest table, to the dais and the whole ceiling works, macam ala-ala hotel gitu. Pay attention to details? I’d say i’ll give them a 10. Can’t wait for our turn to meet the team for our session. So eggcited please!

… On the topic of wedding, A friend of mine said we’re kinda fast with our wedding prep. Singapore beb, kiasuism mesti ade! hahaha. ok that part wasn’t necessary. But in all honesty? I don’t think I’m the only bride yang kancheong spider. With all that being said, the boyfriend (I can safely say) he’s kinda pro at wedding and such. Prolly because he deals with many kind of situation. Of which that comes in as early as years ahead to the last minute ones. I don’t believe in doing things last minute. WHAT IF all the slots been taken up? Biler lagi nak kahwin kan?! That’s my only concern. I don’t wanna keep changing my wedding dates all the freaking time. It’s really tiring you know. And with my uncertain working schedule, I have to plan a year ahead. Stressful? Maybe not. What would be stressful, when I can’t even meet a date knowing the boyfriend is as busy as I am. Sip?

On top of our busy schedule, I think we manage pretty well. Most of the important stuffs have already been settled. Alhamdulillah! (pheeewwww) I can’t be at ease if the major part of the preparation not done yet. How to sleep? Confirm every night mimpi pasal kahwin aje. hehe!! Like what the datin would say to me… Blom nikah pon da gatal fikir pasal nak kahwin. Ok la datin, give me face can? 😉

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