from BCN to IBIZA








two nights ago while jetsetting to barcelona, my girlfriend randomly suggested we should fly down to ibiza. i wasnt really prepared to party as i havent been keeping up with the night life. i heard party only stops at 7am (which is really true btw!) whats my take on ibiza? its like european version of bali. nice beaches, cute boys and hot babes.. i kid you not on this one. these girls? theyre really good looking! boys? they leave me biting my own lips, hehe!

moving on the night life.. i must say we got lucky on both nights. we were greeted with dj tiesto, afro jack and quentino on the first night over at PACHA and on day 2 dj steve aoki was there at AMNESIA! not that im really into all this trance but big names, im there and thats all that matters! hehehe typical, but yeah. life’s like that 😜 so ive been away for a week now.. ive got another 4nights to go before flying back to city singers. (yupp its an 11days trip) this sucks really. this is the longest trip ever. i shouldnt be complaning not everyone gets to fly to barcelona and sao paolo respectively.. dear me. its coming to my 5th year, and i still cant get used to this being away from home thing, but while at home, its the total opposite.. why oh why!

speaking about being home, ive been missing my homeboy tremendously. blame it on the crazy gmt’s that we’ve been talking less to each other. he’s been such an understanding partner, while me? i think im sucha clingy one. we havent been talking much about the wedding. more or less the preparation is almost done? can you believe it?! we’re only left with 1year and a month! 😍 supaaa eggcited please! hehehe

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