be mine?


finally home.. and getting on with my creative juice. good god! my handwriting..supa cakar ayam please! havent been doing calligraphy for the longest time. trying out a different form of handwritten paper. in the end.. i gave up with my so not qualified doctor’s short hand, i sort of resort to printing on words. hmmm, the power of downloading fonts and click print! so senang. I am still amazed that the big bookshop that i used to patron regularly during my secondary school days is still there.. and theres another thing that surprise me as well.. the price of all the arts stash…? still as cheap as it was, back in 2004. i remember goin in at some smiggle or what have they right now, carrying the same brand but selling double as expensive than this. ahhh the good old kedai bookshop aunty.. cheap and good!

… right, what isit that im raving about with all these stash? i am actually doing a DIY bridesmaid be mine card. our wedding is exactly a year and a month away from now, and i wanna make it as memorable as possible. (kalah princess kahwin eh!) not like theres much time left in my hand, i just feel each and every one of my girlfriends are just as important.. but i still need them the most on my last single day…. sappp! mana tau nak step runaway bride? hahaha! ok this part the better half not read, silap2 kene kancing kat bilik mcm rapunzel! the datin was telling me that i have too much girlfriends.. nak brape ramai da-yor? wah seh, puan azizah kalau da speaking jawa.. anaknya pon tak faham. hehehe! ahhh, i better get going with these, or else.. i can never finish up my ‘job’ till my next entry 😊

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