this one’s for you.. and me

You know that feeling? When you have so much things to say to that someone, it doesn’t seem to come out of your mouth but shown in every emotions? Call us kental, but that is really happening. My bestfriend and I have literally seen each other grown up from our super merepek days to our current adulthood episodes. Through every heartaches, tears, laughters.. you name it. We’ve got it all covered! Prolly my bff is the only person who thinks a disposable underwear is cool to be worn on your head? hahahaha. Those are the days man. She is that special someone who knew me inside out.. without even talking.. she just knew whats in my head. I could just go on and on how wonderful this lady here beside me is.. she is that amazing!

It’s down to 365 more days to go to the wedding. I haven’t been catching up with the bff lately. What touched my heart the other day (the week I came back from my 11days flight, urgh!) was her warmth hug and she said, she misses me so bad. God, I’m sucha wuss when it comes to tear jerking moments. That night too, it felt like we’re back to those days where nothing else matters, just us and ice-cream and lots of laughter. And at that moment, it feels like we’re 16 all over again. I kinda forget how it was being so simplified.. with nothing much to worry about. Carefree. Reality check? We’re 25!! Oh goodness.

.. so here it is, my maid of honor! the most important person on my wedding day (apart from my future husband). the one who will keep me sane through every process (insyaallah) and go through my bitch fit together. Here’s one for the friendship.. till wrinkled skin babe, I promise!

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