with all my heart

image image october’s been a great month indeed. fiq and i decide to give bangkok a shot. ahhh that place sungguh jiwa kacau ok. dont get me wrong.. not that kind of adam dan hawa jiwa kacau but more to like kocek kacau! shopping paradise! you can say that again. my first to bkk.. and i think i kinda like it. 3days 2nights is enough to burn a big whole on our wallet… sighh orang yang nak kahwin nie tak habes2 pergi holiday! moving on to other greater news image image my girlfriends pregnant! wheee. the first in the groupy. so eggciting!! i wonder if its a boy, because apparently my girlfriend takde angin takde ribut macam makin kelakar plak! hahaha. no words can express how happy i am for her 🙂 and finally.. the much awaited hens night for both of my bellas. theyre getting married next month. ahhh, so much happiness in October. i foresee so much happiness in months to come 🙂 image image here’s one from the bridesmaid! so much love.. can you feel it?

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