my not so 27 dresses



lately, i have been googling images for innaired. fiq been mentioning about them eversince and i decide to have a peep at their wonderful design. i am truly awed by their super cantek one of a kind piece! right now this peplum (or whatever you may call it) top is becoming barang panas kan, but i think innaired is unique in her own style. not really a fan of peplum top because i think it makes my waist look uber massive… (macam mak2 kinda punggung) hehehe! coming back to innaired, i think their design is to die for, damn fiq! what caught my attention was the evening dress. nice right?? i love it! sungguh anggun. hmmm, i might just fly down to kuala lumpur and pay them a visit. im pretty sure we can fit in a budget for wedding dresses kan fiq? hehehe. nie bukan dreaming lagi, im gonna turn it into reality baby 😉 cant hardly wait! i better get going now.. fiq’s already on his way any longer i might turn out to be his dinner and supper. na-night now 😀

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