you are coordially invited to….


life little treats. mind you, i travelled all the way to east coast road for this yknow. i dont know whats got into me. the ambience? mcm ala school library. the much talked about has got to be the red velvet nutella cupcakes which is always sold out by noon. sheeeesh. thats besides the point….

i havent been gettin’ down to our wedding prep lately. although semua benda tinggal yang kecik-kecik.. kekadang benda yang kecik tu la yang maha important (betul tak?). we were at the topik of kad jemputan. fiq and i have decided to create our own card. this year itself, ive received quite a number of card jemputans which is truly unique in their own designs.



lain daripada yang lain! idea yang terhandal. ringkas with information that we need to know.. venue, date and time semua lengkap! need to get down to business nurhayati. tinggal nak on laptop and get it on with your designer hands.. ape lagi photoshop cs and adobe mau lebih…. heheheh 😉

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