bad ass baker chick





i used to think that baking is not my thing. i remember how much i hate the cleaning up part. as years go by, a wise women said, macam mana punyer bagus perempuan, dapur tetap akan jadi tempat favourite! i couldnt agree more to that la sey. i’ve been wanting to learn how to make cake pops and this girlfriend of mine decided to have a one to one sesh just for me. you have no idea how eggcited i was.

… before anythg else, i need to emphasize how much love i have for her kitchen. super cath-kidston(ized) i tell you kids! semua perkakas pink! i can tell how much a pink lover her mom is. everything so cottage like. moving on to baking… we decided to bake cake pops but also cheesecake! and tada… we did it! everything baked from scratch. cant thank this girl enough for teaching me the basics of baking. next up? macaroon baking u’olls!

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