the perfect chiffon

after so much procrastination, fiq and i have decided to get it done with our search for the perfect kain khas buat our evening dress. mak oi! tak pernah-pernah ok in my life frust tonggek with selection of colours. why so? because apparently minah here sungguh pantang when it comes to colours to match her skin colour. we had some colour in mind but, the colour scheme just doesnt seem to blend in well wit my skin. geram betul!




after mixin’ it up here and there… fiq and i finally decide on a colour. it took us almost 2 hrs ehh. i think the baiya at the kedai naik bosan layan kita. banyak colok plak tu.. hehehe! many have told me to get my kain at masjid india in kl. but sadly, fiq and i dont have much off days to spare just for trips solely for finding kain. if by then da free, most prolly we will end up doin’ other busy projects and stuffs. (which may concern the wedding) not so luxurious at all right?

now.. now, i should get down to business soon. i need a seamstress than can do a great job at this. i know there is… come out come out wherever you are aunty!

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