the search has end.. akhirnya!

hati banyak lega! finally i can breathe alil. kain sudah hantar lor! eggcited. aunty tailor was reluctant because apparently she has alot on hwr hands to sew. but i’ll get to that part soon. so on saturday.. took my pippa out in search for a good tailor. we enquire a couple of seamstress and apparently none were available. most of the seamstress have stop taking in order until july. he datin specifically told me to engage an amoi seamstress for all the various reasons.

firstly datin thinks that they are better in orang puteh kinda dress (although i find there are some not so well sewn la). ok la if datin say so.. i just go la kan. so that weekend i dragged the maid your of honour to our family seamstress. sighh.. ni part sedih. she cant jahit to the design i want! so she recommended another seamstress which also another bridesmaid of mine recomended the same seamstress as well. terus instant happiness! SHE SAID BOLEH BIKIN!





tadaaaa! meet aunty sally and my pippa middleton (LOL). one thing i like about aunty sally, she not only tailor to your needs.. she gives suggestion too! (like yknow whether ur butt will look big ke, lengan nampak enormous gitu) im pretty eggcited to see the end result which will only be collected in june! apparently she has too many jobs on hold. takpe la aunty i can wait! happy tak terkata! now we are left with fiq’s attire. hmmm shall we customised his outfit too? so tempted to do so! for that tunggu la ye another episode on our wedding adventures. stay tuned!

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