built to order


After so many attempts of getting a house. we have finally received the long awaited email from HDB. We’ve gone through the stage trying to get a resale flat to balance BTO’s and then its back to BTO again. Mom always say that it’s not easy to get a house nowadays.. which I totally have to agree on that. Fiq and I kept wondering where did we go wrong. CPF tak cukup ke? Gaji terlampau banyak ke? (over eh!) Kinda gave up with the search for the perfect abode and suddenly.. good news came in, unexpectedly.

So there you go.. our abode which will be completed in 2017. Waduhhh, da ade anak tiga baru rumah nie siap. Kronik betul! hahaha. As cliche as this may sound, I’ve always been telling Fiq that this particular land that we saw somewhere near rochester gonna be our home.. and suddenly our prayers been answered. WOW.. I really didn’t think that its this coincidental. but it seems like everything  fall into place, perfectly. Been day dreaming too much about our future home, Really cant wait to move in.. 2017, you’ve promise us another forever, thank you!

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