blame-ish me?

It’s almost three in the morning, and I still can’t sleep. Still can’t ge over the fact that im going through this massive breakout on my face. I just don’t know what went wrong. Even the doctor can’t give me a valid reasoning what’ behind all this breakout. Two week on doxycycline and an acne serum till I get to meet Dr. Choo again. I did a little bit of googling with regards to this break out and I’e list down the possibilities that coul be the cause of this major break out

  1. allergic to some food that I am unaware of eg: seafood (which recently I was in Paris and damn gir, I had a mussel fest!) sheeesh…
  2. lack of sleep: jetlagged (I always find myself awake when I am supposed to be seeping, and sleep when everyone else is working, but hey! that’s the nature of my job isn’t it?)
  3. insect bite (for every hotel that I’ve been sleepin in, can’t help but wonder, do the chambermaid really change the bedsheet and pillow case? wherelse when we’re at home, I only change it like twice a month!) unhealthy habit, which I think I need to change.
  4. face products (with constant upgrade of technology, I am guilty of changing my spa treatment every now and then. I can’t help it but o give it a try everytime my derma recommend me a new treatment. Maybe without me realising, I could actually be sensitive to some treatment that might be suitable for my face)

There you go.. some of the possiilities that I might be facing while going through this nasty break out. Its too ugly that I can’t even look at myelf in the mirror. I just hope that this two weeks would be a breeze when I’m at work. I wouldnt wann be grounded unnecessarily. While googling about the nasty breakout, I did a research of some place that people like me used to go and seek medical tratment on this outbreak.

  • National Skin Center @ SGH. (here they provide with proper health screening and handle professional just like those you seek medical treatment at the hospital. Of course you wouldn’t have to worry because they are qualified aesthetic doctors. Payment wise, you can opt for medisave which I find it vry useful!)
  • P.P.P laser clinic which stands for Pore, Pimples & Pigmentation (its newly established in the market and it uses laser treatment to help eliminate all those pimple cells thats hard to see from our visible eye. Aparrently those who went for first time treatment says its really good! Results appears right after. How true is that, I’m not quite sure, but I am skeptical about laser treatment. From my understanding, skin might be drier than it already is. But I am pretty sue the reviews are based on successful patients) Maybe I could give it a try when I am done completing my doxycyclne.
  • Prive Clinic (Just like anyothr clinic, his particular clinic works like a spa clinic. I’ve signed up quite a number of treatment with spa company and I dont think I should get anymore of this. Gosh, my face not getting any better though.but according to some friends, they have medical treatment should we have breakouts during the treatment at Prive! amazing! probably jut what i need, a skin doctor when everything else fails at the spa center.

Those are some of my research because minah here is definitely desperate wanting her baby bum skin back. Which girl won’t turn frantic when she has this naty breakout. Well if she doesn’t then she is definitely not… a girl? hahaha!  Speedy recovery to me dear skin, plea be obedient as bridezilla has only 9months left till she wed. Please spare some mercy ;s

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