adieu 2012

to summarize it all.. 2012 have been the greatest year of my life. i have never seen myself this happy before. not that i havent been happy all my life.. but this is exceptional happiness!

at the stroke of midnight, we decided to open up our 2012 resolution and im glad that out of 5.. i manage to clinch 3! alhamdullilah. this is by far the most that i have achieved all these years. one of my resolution that i didnt achieved, definitely gonna be in my black book forever. should i say.. december is my least favourite? so cold and gloomy through out. i never wanna walk through that road ever.. again. dear god, please make me stay away from the unnecessary. i know youre listening.. help me do something about it ok? šŸ˜‰

in a nutshell.. here we are in 2013. what my hopes and dreams will only determine once 2013 is over. dear awak.. i wanna spend all of our new years’ eve together (insyaallah). till another 364 days till u discover my resolution hon. for now, stay safe my dear. 2013.. you seem much much promising!


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