see, heavens got a plan for you

image image hey kids, did i ever tell you how crazy february have been? so much for hoping things gonna be smooth, it got a lil intense. your dad and i? hmmm we’ve been apart for the longest time. 15 freakin’ days!! very dramatic but yea, we did. your dad never fail to impress me every single time. on st valentine’s day (well we’re nt supposed to be celebrating it anyways) your pops surprised me with a bouquet and a golden ticket to the script concert. now now kids, your pops is totally clueless who are these guys, but he did eventually! that kinda gave me a lil motivation to have the guts of going through the housing process alone. yup kids, this house that youre living in has got a lot of nice memories to share. i assure you kids, this house, is gonna be a home filled with lotsa love. so much been said kids, pops and i are onto our less than 8th months to our wedding!! ok uber eggcited. till we share more stories soon kids. promise!

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