favor please?

sekian da lama tak pegang topik kahwin-kahwin.. sigh naik gopoh gapah jadi nya. cant believe fiq and i are actually having nitty gritty arguments about our venue. ok, its my fault by default. cant help it, minah see something nice, minah also wants. habes abang terus meletop. susah nak senyum till i raise the white flag :s little did i realise, i am actually turning into a bridezilla. didnt really realize it till fiq point it out to me. i was being skeptical about leaving the jobs to the professional. time to time fiq keep reminding me that these professionals are there for a reason. fiq himself, a service provider. he said its normal and i shouldnt let all these stuffs bother me. ok… i should just breatheeeeee. moving on to other things that we’ve left it hanging for the longest time has got to be the berkat. amboi! banyak2 benda nie boleh di kendalakan. pretty much we have decided what we wanna have as part of our berkats. from macaroons to handkerchief and finally we have decided to have our very own customised mentos! image this is definitely a brilliant idea! we are thinking of using our wedding card design as part of the mentos design too. tak payah nak pening kepala lagi. the person behind this creativity, quote us a pretty descent price but as usual, my better half never fail to keep reminding me that there are better people who are able to do maybe even better job with a pretty descent amount. tahu la dia! whats next on the list? gubahan and kompang la sey. this kompang been at it for the longest period, alot been taken up. and i guess the month that we’ll be ijab kabul pretty much a hot season. alot of the good ones have been taken up. dont get me wrong, pretty sure there are better ones out there. now now, i should continue on my research.. till my next bridezilla momento 🙂

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