roll the dais

good morning gloomy zurich. cant recall when was the last time the sun shines brightly here. can you kids tell? that momsicle here is bored? project saving money = hibernate in the hotel. nahhh, its too cold to even step out of the room, kids. never a fan of winter. with all the free time i have, i went of a dais spree. i am so in love with chenta weddings! (of course its not local -__-) i love how they put everything together to make it look so effortless. my oh my. why singapore kahwen-kahwen not as semangat as them one har? these are some of my favourites!








looking at all of the above, i think fiq would probably go for something less. he doesnt like the dais to be so ‘busy’ hahahah! i think im turning into a bridezilla. havent really been this ocd before. makin hari nak dekat makin kecoh. i hope its not getting to tahap kronik! well kids, a girl can only dream? betol tak? hiping kak mas and co would do a great job. been receiving lots of great feedback from all the ex-brides. ive witnessed the beauty of their works too. cant wait to meet them in april. wheeehoo! till then 😉

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