I want it all

here i am all alone in my bed. the hubs already booked in for part deux of his reservist. really glad that he manage to book out although just for a day. cant wait for this week to end, i can have him all to myself before another week of work coming up. we can finally take a breather now that the first part of our june vacay booked! sucks that we cant go to europe due to his work commitment. well that could actually be a good thing, which means we can save up more and plan carefully on an itinerary when the time comes. patience is all it takes yati dear.

talk about the first part of our vacay, we booked a flight out to langkawi for a short trip. we were torn between redang and langkawi. the tremendous price difference got us thinking if its worth it to spend close to 2k just for redang. thats like the amount i spend while we were in maldives! its crazy expensive. langkawi is just too pretty. read alot of great reviews on the villa we’re staying put. i hope the review doesnt disappoint us cause we’ve been really looking forward to our break since our last in february. four months in sg just working our day away. (sad truth)

onward to the second part of our vacay. we’ve got our mind set on incheon. haha. no really im not kidding. i havent been going around in incheon while i was there.. so its a great opportunity to have the hubs wimme getting lost in a world of our own in a foreign country. thats the best part of travelling isnt it? the biggest headache gotta be the flight ticket. im really torn between these two airline. the price difference isnt really that bad.. is korean air is going for $2880, i might as well top up another $300 and i’ll be on an sq flight. i suck at making my own decision. see.. that is how important my husband is to me. he does things on a rational way, while me? i wouldnt even think twice abt paying for a flight ticket. hope he gets back to me pretty soon, we’re seriously running out of time.

i should be sleeping right now. in less than 6 hours i’ll be kuala lumpur guys! cant remember when was the last time i was there. it was a tad too long. really eggcited for this girly trip. cant wait to sink my teeth in on all the good food they have there. cant wait! i should prolly get some sleep. gosh, i miss the hubs. come home soon.. love your clingy wife 😁

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