sistles kay-el trippy part uno

the trip that ive been anticipating for quite awhile is finally here. it was a random decision to fly to kl for a short trip. the last i visited kl was years ago, and i was too young to care. maybe you see it as a trend, but having great friends with you hanging out in cafes playing online games competitively is sucha thrill for me. i love sharing laughters and our lives with friends whom we call family. honestly, how many of your friends have that kinda bond with you? its really hard to find.

so this unplanned trip, our partners couldnt join us. one is due for exam, and another is away for flight and my husband? he on reservist. really hope we could plan another trip before billy leaves us to europe for a month. hmmm kl.. it was all about food, food and more food! think its like a norm that anyone whose on vacay just had to binge?! all we did was … eat! almost 90% of the eateries are halal, how could we possibly say no to good food?

first stop, ACME bar and coffee. Shaz suggested we have lunch there. super late lunch as we had troubles finding our way there. the moment we foubd the place, i was in awe. everything seemed so beautiful. the ambience was perfect. my weakness has got to be the fresh flowers setting (there are some faux ones too). the menu is out if this world. the chef is definitely a genious. ordered salted egg chicken tenders and couldnt resist the sweet potato truffle fries. mow that is something new which i wish we have that in SG. to finish off the whole course, we had “the other pavlova”. the name itself screamed yummy. everything was delicious, definitely bringing the hubs for a meal here.

moving on, met faizal over at publika to have gyu-kaku for dinner. this place in sg never fail to secure a lengthy queue right outside its store. now i understood why! the shabu-shabu and all the lean cut meat goes really well when you bbq it. my friends have sucha weird taste buds. they just had to order beef tongue. sounds gross right? but the taste was not too bad! i kid you not. and the shabu-shabu meat? i can have that eveyday. thats a first for someone who doesnt really like red meat. its that good! too bad that sg gyu-kaku is not halal. oh man 😦

last stop for the day, we cab down to damansara for some cakes. we sat diwn at this quaint coffee place ‘the apartment’. another unique set up with bookshelves on it cafe. how not to fall in love with its creative concept? whenever we sat down for some sweet treat, we’ll always end up with some competitive + fun games. this time around, they got me hook to ‘QuizUp’. such a concentrated game requires alot of general knowledge. love it! oh, while we’re at the curve, i just had to drop by schapoholic. wishful thinking, we didnt get to meet the lady boss though. it wouldve have made my day if we have met the gorgeous couple in real life! fan girl mode on.

that sums up my day one in KL. cant wait for day break. gonna explore pavillion with them again. wished our partners are here to join us. it wouldve been more fun. i better catch some winks, a long day awaits us tomorrow ✌️😋

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