sistles kay-el trippy part deux

feeling the post holidays and i am looking forward to my next holidays next month. i think i go on holidays more now that i am no longer flying. why isit when i was flying i didnt have or make time for holidays eh? oh! my work is already a holiday -_-

round two of our kay-el trippy. food and more glorious food. syaz suggested we have breakfast at Tous les Jours. its a korean bakery that serves all kinda yeast! carbo is my weakness. sighhhh. like a glutton, we picked quite alot of bread for ourselves. on top of it all we ordered another hot meal. we’re seriously taking foodie us to another level. who does that?! WE. hahahaha! love the simple wooden styled concept of this bakery restaurant. they have fixie for decoration! we stayed quite awhile at tous les jours before deciding to leave for hnm. ouh, we just found out that tous les jours serves breakfast for hotel guest at the WOLO hotel. supaaaaa interesting! the next time, im’ma book a room with WOLO.

after all the carbo load, we decided to walk around pavillion and get ourselves a lil something. we thought we’ll spend our money on shopping since the rate is pretty low, somehow it turns out we didnt actually shop. kudos to us! soon after, an ex colleague who had already stop flying decided to meet up for some high-tea. and yeap, food again! we just couldnt say no. we decided to try Ben’s. amboi! hi-tea likka datin eh this one. since we dont get to do hi-tea in sg, we do it while overseas! so much to catch up with my dear friend. we are all growing sideways after we have left flying and that kinda suck. hurhurhur.

it was time for us to catch the monorail for the airport. the monorail is crazy i tell you. us singaporean complain non stop about our transportation, our neighbouring country got it worst ok. we should be really grateful. 5 stops later, we alighted at kl sentral and i thought we would be full from all the food and sweet stuffs we had… till we decided to have tony romas! that full racks of beef slabs = yummylicious. for a person like me who doesnt like beef ribs, its totally awesome. finally someone learned how to eat her meat right! glutton me, had wanted to order another rack. it was too good! but good thing we didnt order, need to control all these rich in cholestrol food. hehehehe! ish. tony romas this wont be our last.. more to come!

so we took the express train to klia2 and that took us less than half an hour to reach. if we were to take the bus, i heard it might take us at least an hour plus to reach the city area. thank god for the express train! after check in and all, i saw hui lau shan at the departure hall!! i love their mango ondeh-ondeh. no need to go hong kong, fly to kl is enough. they have EVERYTHING there. my life is complete! hahahah. so full from all the food we had within these two days. what a glutton us!

that sums up what we did and how much fun we had in kl. really glad that we actually did this! more to come and syaz metioned she havent been to bkk… gaspppp! shopping haven. counting town till your ojt ends! we shall plan another trippy soon. gosh, i need to detox and stay away from food for a month or two. feeling guilty now.. or not? hahaha. the track is already calling out to me. get moving me!

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