back to where it all started..

thank god im home on this rainy sunday. its been raining cats and dog since this morning. cant imagine having to rush for the bus to town with the rest of the weekenders. its gonna be crazy pack! on a different note, the husband is home for good after two long weeks of reservist. so good to have him home again! 😍 its really a rare sight for us both to be at home and not working. precious moments like this i truly treasure!

we’ve been discussing on our upcoming home project. we have yet to do any research on any ID yet, however, we do have some friends who have already moved in their abode and i really am excited to have a look at their creative homes. its a great stepping stone to source out for vendors. oh my, doesnt it feel like sourcing out for our wedding vendor again hon?

some factors that we have to take note has got to be the cost value. read a couple of forums that there are homes that could lead up $100k. of course we are not going to that direction, neither we are trying to budget ourselves to a point of thrift. we are looking at an ID which not only construct our house but also build us a home to live for the rest of our lives. we have some in mind, and we are still doing alot of research. eversince ive been in charge of my moms place, ive got a few themes on hand for our future house, only concern if the ID are able to construct to our preference and the costing do play a part. hurhurhur.. guess europe hafta wait a lil till we settle for something bigger than the eiffel. hahaha!

so… our search for the perfect house ID continues. this is going to be exciting! i cant wait for it to get started 😬

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