365 days ago wedding prep (part 1)

Fiq: “Do you still remember this time of the year tahun lepas what were we up to?”
Me: “OF COURSE! Our wedding prep, mana boleh lupa?!
Fiq: “Dah kahwin kita!”
ME: “Dah nak masok setahun pon, WHAT? ALMOST ONE YEAR ALREADY KAPER?!”

While on our way to work, I told the hubs that in less than two months we’re gonna be celebrating our first wedding anniversary. Ya, IKR, almost close to a year?! I still remember every details of our wedding preparation last year. Stressful yet an enjoyable experience. I haven’t really blog about my wedding prep. Almaklumlah, suaminya baru belikan macbook sebagai hadiah hari jadi, baru ade time nak update. Since we’re taking it back to 365 days ago, I shall tap every detail of our wedding prep from A – Z. How about that? 😀

Mana nak settle berkat, venue, andaman, decor dan segala yang sewaktu dengan nya. Oh, did I mention that minah here super mentel that she actually changed her andaman twice? YESZZZ TWICE! Honestly, I hate it when vendors don’t reply my text / emails and worst circumstances of it all… when they do not even return my calls. How not to panic like that? You tell me la sey. I am very certain that I am that kind of relax one corner bride who don’t really bark unless if needed to. So I texted this Kak *** for a make up trial appointment, as we all know there are some andaman that dont provide such service. She claimed she does. (tak tahu betul atau tidak) First text tak reply takpe. Call dua, empat, enam kali tak return my calls at all. Wah, this moment minah mengamok la obviously. I terbang sana sini takde pon busy sampai tak return calls or text / email. Main giler okay, da bayar deposit la wey.

So I told fiq, that she hasnt been returning ANYof my calls but on that fateful day when fiq called, to my surprised, she did pick up the call and said that SHE HAS BEEN BUSY THAT SHE COULDN’T RETURN MY CALL. OH WOW! You make me wait close to three weeks sister! (?!!) Obviously after giving her a piece of my mind, she tried to pacify situations, which I did give in eventually. Well, what do you know? It happened again! Belom lagi wedding da jadi bridezilla for that moment, so I confided to my girlfriends and apparently something similar did happened to one of my girlfriends’ friend during her nikah.. this mak andam datang lambat. *clap clap*

Dengan tak buang masa lagi, I went on a search spree for andaman and that leads me to Peti Solek & Fatimah Mohsin. That point of time, Peti Solek belom lagi as meletop as now. The bridal outfits that they have wasnt anything close to what they have currently. Those indonesian style beaded kinda outfits wasnt to my liking. I love the way they did their make up, really. Apa kan daya, tak ada rezeki. Merely engaged them but my gut says its not meant to be. So that leaves me with Fatimah Mohsin. She is really quite well known with my other colleagues in the airline, I trust all the positive feedbacks received from all her past clients. So we came to her boutique with an open mind as we know we are actually 6months away from the wedding. At this point of time tawakal aje, kalau fated then ada lah, if not tak tahu nak nangis or what that I had to stick with Kak ***.

Without any further introduction, Fiq been greeted like macam raja. Maybe because he is familiar with the wedding industry. Berbual sana sini, tap tip tupFatimah said she’s available on our wedding date! Delighted tahap gunung nak meletop (but minah need to keep her cool you see). SIGNED & SEALED. We didnt opt for the extravagant package, we only got ourselves 2 outfits. One for the nikah (white lace) and the other for majlis bersanding (biru songket). Don’t see a point why should we have the other 5 outfits.The final outfit I decisded to designed myself because I don’t really fancy a white wedding dress. Nope.. I did not tailor it at FM, I send for tailoring tak lain tak bukan.. nyonya that jahit yearly baju raya which was recommended by one of my bridesmaid syaza 😀 SETTLE!


My Nikah Outfit – What I love the most about this nikah outfit is the back detail of the lace. It wasnt really an appropriate outfit for solemnization because of its almost bare it all back. But it was on my to wear list so minah just had to masok kiri keluar kanan with the folks. We didnt bring any of our folks during the outift selection pon. Sometimes it can get a lil bit taxing having too much of feedback on this and that. I’d rather have something that I like rather than wearing something that doesnt make me happy. I dont have photos to justify the niceness of the almost bare back lace, but if you opt for FM, go for this outfit. ITS GORJUS!


My finale dress that I designed. This dress was inspired by INNAIRED & Ellie Saab during their Haute Couture fashion show. I love how INNAIRED designed most of their outfits,something that is not too common in the wedding industry. That goes without saying for Ellie Saab. Her pieces are to die for! I LIKE 😀 So I combined these two and the tailor had a hard time trying to pacify me to change the design to something simple. Sorry aunty, its my wedding.. ultimately its my say la kan? Went up and down to the tailor a lot (and I mean a hell lot okay) to make sure that the kain all cukup. Luckily for me, tha kain cukup and by then aunty was happily sewing, yet at the same time being a lil grumpy because the design was too tedious for her. THANK YOU AUNTY SALLY!


Last but not the least.. This is the songket that I wore during the majlis bersanding. Before we decided on this colour, I tried so many different designs and colours which I thought might match my skin tone well. Unfortunately after 110687 tries, Fiq thinks blue matches me well and this outfit doesn’t really look too much. TBH, I wasn’t really feeling this outfit but after much persuasion from the man himself (it’s his favourite colour btw) I gave in. FM assured me that she will not make me look too over with the accesories etc. I opt out for the sanggul lintang cause I dont wanna burden my head with 2kg metal pieces stuck onto my head. Nah kidding! Im just not into it I guess?

Blog vomit betul. Banyak details juga eh ank type in here. Susah juga jadi wedding blogger (dah basi lor). LOL! That sums up my andaman part of my 365 days ago of wedding prep. Stay tuned for more past adventures if you wanna know whats next. Till then!

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