365 days ago wedding prep (part 2)

Since day one, Fiq have always been a fan of SID (Saiful Imran Decor). He’s been dreaming of a white wedding themed while me on the other hand, prefer something not so white but elegant structure with lots of fresh flowers decorated. I was more inspired to have a garden themed than anything else.

We met Kak Mas and Abang Saiful from SID. This husband and wife duo are really friendly people. Suka sangat bercerita-cerita. I still remember our first meet up with them lasted FOUR HOURS. Tak tahu kita berbual pasal apa but i remember it was all about whether kita kenal si dekni si dektu. Almaklumlah, that point of time I was still flying and apparently a lot of crew engaged them at the same time, so kita pon layankan.

SID is quite well known for its all white themed wedding. I don’t quite like having a so call living room decor as part of the dais. I personally feel macam rimas gitu? Thank god SID don’t have any sort of that kind of design. Everything was so simple and I really like it. Ada jugak la ala-ala Malaysian style wedding.

On top of the attractive package that SID have to offer, they also provide a wedding planner service as well. We thought it is a perfect idea since we both will be so busy running our A) his business B) jet set on most days. Since we were busy with our own schedule and at the same time we don’t want the folks to penat kan diri, we add in their wedding planner service onto our package.

Alot of our friends gave a thumbs up to our choice of decor. A lot have been giving positive feed back especially those friends of ours that have engaged their services. Fiq himself too, pretty much happy with our choice of decor as he have been working with them on most of his wedding shoot. With SID, we have alot of add-ons to our package. Who would have thought that Haji Abu Catering (well known catering company) is also liaising with them too. So happy with the news! Tak fikir banyak we also signed up for the catering service.

To summarise, we took DECOR / WEDDING PLANNER SERVICE / CATERING service from SID. Sungguh satisfied with the decision made by the both of us. Oh.. don’t get me started with the final price. we are just glad that this decision made is something we both are agreeable upon and wouldn’t mind forking out so much more for our wedding reception.

Like we already know, catering takes up the bulk of the wedding. We were really worried if the food won’t turn out just as good especially when it’s being cooked in bulk maha bulk. Kak Mas invited us to a wedding event (that was held that point of time) whereby the bride and groom engaged Haji Abu Catering to sample their food. I was given two big packets of berkat and went home straight away to have the folks taste the dishes. Alhamdulillah, the folks were really satisfied with the turn out of the dishes. It is something that she would expect during the majlis. Two thumbs up for the delicious spread! We ordered everything as told by the MIL. Theres fish, prawns, kambing, lembu, ayam and the works. My favourite has got to be the live station. Pisang goreng and mee soto.. how about that?! Kenyang betul my guest la kan! Don’t get me started with the dessert. We ordered both the traditional kueh and orang puteh style creme bulee. I tak tahu ape nak cakap. Guest kalau tak bergerak from their seat, you know why la hor? (harus set up toll masok, sebab makanan syiook sangat) *peace sign*

I da berbual panjang, I’ll put up some photos to show you the set up of my decor kays? I love everything about it from the fresh flowers to the chivalry chairs to the pelamin and all the works. It was all worth the money we invest on our wedding. Really glad what we had wanted on our mood board turns out into reality. Spacious pelamin just like Malaysian style wedding. Sungguh satisfied with everything!

Photos taken from their Facebook page. I tak tahu nak post mana satu so I grabbbbb everythinnnnnng πŸ˜€

My pelamin from the front view. I showed some photos from my mood board to Kak Mas. Somehow or rather, she manage to get something close and similar. I never like all those gerbang board (or whatever it is called) that kind of thing (you get what I mean right?) but this was an exceptional because i’m in love with all the draping!

blogger-image-406442134 1511759_10200485091050258_1162007256_o 1524473_10200485088170186_879218918_o 1617864_10200485090490244_1389768969_o 1795818_10200485089810227_963798241_o 1801373_10200485087690174_1953169678_o

The seating arrangement was done up in that manner for the solemnisation ceremony. As we have elderly relatives for both our families, we didn’t want them to be seated on the floor. We told Kak Mas and Abang Saiful to arrange the seats ala-ala orang puteh style gitu.

The center piece flowers were mixtures of roses, garberras, baby breath flowers and hydrangeas. From here you can’t actually see but there are blue and green hydrangeas located at each different table and different shades of coral for the other flowers as mentioned above. I was told that the guest hang around till the tear down because the flowers were too colourful to throw it all away. Thanks my flower ladies, you guys will forever be my minah bungas!

If you guys have chosen SID, you guys have made a great choice! You won’t regret it, I promise! πŸ™‚ All these photos never fail to make me smile all over again. So much fond memories πŸ™‚ Till my next wedding entries, good night now xx

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