365 days ago wedding prep (part 3)

Venue. Where do I begin with? A lot of thoughts have been carefully decided before discussing with the folks on our venue. Firstly, we have to decide if we wanted to do a combine or a separate event. Secondly, we have to put in some thoughts if we have to lan-lan have the venue away from where we live. It may seem easy deciding on this, but honestly? We were actually preparing for the worst should both family decline on a combined event.

Terperanjat jugak when both folks agreed to our proposal. Very seldom parents will say yes to this. It’s a green light so without buang masa, we went sourcing out for the venue. Another headache I tell you!

Since kita dua tinggal hujung tanjung from one another, we had difficulties trying to come on terms that we have to find either
1) somewhere centralise
2) buat kat hotel boleh staycation sekali
3) do two separate places, one on the east the other at west. Third option macam kita taukay balk gitu eh?
4) Community Centre is out of the picture because we aren’t those kind who takes surprises very well.

At this point of time, we were mentally prepared cause the CC that we wanted might not be available on our event dates and we can only do the bookings three to six months prior to the wedding. Wah, I can’t take rejection well. (Not when I have than three to six months to crack my head for a venue. NO WAY!) That leaves us with a few places to recce like The Orchid Country Club, Changi Cove, Botanic Garden Burkil Hall & Hort Park.

Out of those above mentioned, I was rooting for Changi Cove, Burkill Hall + Hort park.

Changi Cove: When we first met the guys at CC, they were newly open. The rates were really affordable too. Clear glass doors/ windows all over this ballroom. It’s quite small actually come to think of it. The downside of it, we have to source out for our own catering and no cooking is allowed at the Cove. Sayang sekali, tempat cantek but Fiq wasn’t really feeling it.

Burkill Hall: How do people held weddings here pon I don’t know? Its super panas yes but if your pelamin over look the garden, I rasa tu semua boleh letak tepi? Yang penting pengantin happy! But thats not the case for us. Parking is almost impossible to find. To climb up the plight of stairs / mountain like platform would be hard for the elderly guest. I don’t have to explain much, because I have to lupakan saja la niat nak overlooking the garden ni semua.

Hort Park: This was love at first sight. The moment we were shown around this park, felt like I am one step closer to my garden themed wedding! The ballroom itself is comparable to the Cove, BUT for HP, we are allowed to extend the garden area to pitch gazebo and add maybe another 10 round tables? Sungguh sesuai, but after going through the package with HP (catering / gazebo) its on the pricey end. Further more, the choice of catering is something our folks may not approve. They’re not fans of orang puteh choice of meal. If we just go jer, confirm kene spelling sebakul! Lupakan saja la ye?

Since Fiq have been going in and out for wedding events, he thinks the conduciveness of a venue plays an important role especially if you nak gambar / video wedding you meletop. Fiq suggested The Grassroots Club. We went to recce, it was actually not too bad for a venue. This place boleh letak up to 40 round tables, you guys! Ade lagi tempat spacious than this tak? I think don’t have lor. Tak tahu if the co-ordinator encik Najib bergurau senda when he said that. I’m sold to the fact that its spacious and you all tak payah la tunggu sana sini for a seat. On that day itself before we signed the agreement, encik Najib randomly asked us what decor are we engaging, the moment member dengar SID, mata dia beam! We thought its a sign of something negative but all he said “ahhh bagus la tu, kita da selalu buat kerja kahwin dengan dorang, by the way you all boleh masak at the back of the club”


And the rest is history. The price of TGRC is slightly on the higher end kalau nak compare with CC. But honestly, CC mana yang sebesar gini kan? The price that we paid for is inclusive of the set up and tear down time and if we calculated correctly, we’re paying the price for almost 24hrs of usage of the TGC. Im not sure what is their rental price is like now, because recently I heard they’re going through some major renovation. I heard they’re gonna replace the wooden doors to a see through glass door? There’s not much of a sight to see, but I love the idea of having to see through out of the room. Makes it all look even spacious I feel. You future brides super lucky can? TGRC is located at Ang Mo Kio, so that’s how far we did our homework for our wedding venue all because we needed somewhere centralise.

Nasib the folks are okay with the arrangement. We’re just glad that the folks are always accommodating some how. I guess we’re just… lucky?

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