365 days ago wedding prep (part 4)

I never thought this day would come where I am sitting here with my other half deciding if we should DIY or just leave it to the expertise in our neighbouring country. Our folks gave us lots of options diseberang tambak, but honestly? I am not the sort of person who turun naik JB you know. Makan kat johor pon tak pernah, nak pergi sana buat kad kahwin? Biar betol la kan?!
It was months back before we decided on I do, told Hanis (my online friend since we were in our teens) that I wanted her to help me out with the wedding invites. Saw her works on her social feed and I really love how she work on it. She’s a talented person I tell you. She does candy buffet and designing on prints too. Kept my promise, I contacted her via FB.

We never spoken to each other before (maybe during blogging days?). Felt kinda awkward asking an online friend to design my wedding card. Being the cool person that she is, it wasn’t really hard to communicate with her. Before meeting her, I have a few designs planted on my head so that she could roughly know what kind of design I want for the wedding invites.

It wasnt an easy process. Can’t remember how many times I texted her about the turnout of the invites. From the different tone of colour / fonts / front and back design / our addresses / location / contact person. Speaking about contact person pon boleh jadi issue nyah!

You know how our folks have their own nama glamour? Like for example my FIL (Abdul Malik) has an alias of Rashid (?!) ya that kinda thing. I had a good laugh because not only my FIL has that nama glamour going on in him, but apparently my mom said my late dad has a nama glamour to himself too. That’s something unique that you won’t get to have nowadays.Those were the days.

We didn’t want our wedding card to be those kind that you have to flip open, instead we decide to go for a ‘onesy’ card. HAHA! is there even such a word?! Hanis has been very helpful with me. I get easily distracted if I find something on PINTEREST that looks interesting. Kalau boleh semua design dia nak letak dalam satu card tau! HAHA. I dont like the bunga-bunga trimmings and I pon tak suka those ade macam gold/silver or whathave yous for the colour of trimmings. I like it simple and make it look much fun to look at. Gave Hanis my final mood board, and we have decided that we are going for the chevron look.

1 2

This is the turnout for Fiq’s side.

3 4

Jeng, jeng, jeng… Yes! That’s the final outcome of our cards. We chose the colour coral and mint to suit our wedding colour scheme. Since the cards both have different family names imprint on it and to avoid confusion, we decided to invert the colour for Fiq’s / our individual side.

Lucky for us, Hanis suggested that we do a test print and see how it turns out of the colour on white paper. It actually didnt look really nice on white sheets. So we decided to test it on an off white sheets. Still….. something is a miss! At this point of time otak macam buntu gitu. Dont know what else to fikir, and that’s when Hanis suggested on textured paper. Went all the way down to bras basah the building opposite of ARTFRIEND to choose the textured paper and I’m surprised that the textured papers are actually not very expensive. The textured paper that we chose cost about SGD$0.15. YES GUYS. only 15 cents provided if you get it in bulk. We bought quite a bit of papers just to see if the ink fall nicely on the paper.
After what seemed like 110687 tries, we bought the no-sheer textured paper. It turns out perfectly well. No ink bersepah-sepah that sort. We send in for printing at Tradehub 21, Jurong East. Its condusive for me for the obvious reasons. And it was pretty affordable for laser printing. I can’t remember how much exactly it was, but I know it wasnt beyond SGD$0.80. The printing shop doesnt sell envelopes, and again we had to source out on our own.

Hanis went all out to seach for an envelope that is a suitable match for our wedding card. With Hanis around, I can actually be at ease. he’s been a wonderful person. Its really to communicate that point of time for me as I have to struggle through different GMT’s every other day. Just like that she’s there being my awesomest person back at home. She got my envelope at such a good rate at Popular book store. Ah ah la guys, kita tak pergi sampai JB la pon nak beli setakat envelope. The waiting time for our envelope order was less than a week which was supposedly be at least one to two weeks.

You must be wondering, where is the map, right? Yes it is here!



We decided to separate the map onto another piece of card. Reason because, our folks wanted the map to be big. They feedback that alot of wedding invites the maps are a tad too small and they cant see anything on the map. I totally can relate to them because I myself rabun sometimes (most times actually) haahaa! So there you have it! Not only we please the folks but at the same time I get to design my own card with the help of Hanis. Fiq was really satisfied with the whole turn out! Bagus sekali!
If you guys are keen in engaging Hanis, you can find her on IG @hanismajid or @prettyxrad (where she showcase all her works)

Drop her a message, she’ll be more than glad to assist you! She believe in helping you along the way as you design your card. She’s really nice and friendly. An online friend turn to client. Thank you Hanis, if you ever get to read this. We’ll definitely engage you if we have a kid in tow for a birthday celebration the next time around!

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