20 facts about me

  1. At the age of 21, I land myself into a career path that I never thought i’ll be in. STILL CAN’T BELIEVE I WAS A SINGAPORE GIRL
  2. My favourite cities has gotta be London & NYC. I never get bored or tired even though I’ll always end up doing / hanging at the same place at different seasons
  3. I AM REALLY LOUD. It’s like somehow I swallowed a mic at times!
  4. Some said my laughter is contagious
  5. I’m approachable
  6. Don’t you love the smell of books? CAUSE I DO!
  7. My favourite blogger / fashionista —–> Vivy Yusof (fangirl)
  8. 80% of my wardrobe is decked in black, white and beige. Job hazard, I can’t even.
  9. Below my bed, there’s like over 50 pair of shoes, somehow or rather I keep wearing the same pair
  10. I don’t like peonies, the shape of the flower is kinda weird and it wither faster than any of the flowers that I work on.
  11. At least 90% of what myself and my husband have are similar. We have the same pair of glasses, shoes, clothes you name it!
  12. Fish over red meat anytime! I think it’s just me, I don’t really like the after taste of red meat. Yknow those blood taste like?
  13. A chocolate lover, gimme dark chocolate bar and I’ll exchange with a flower ok?
  14. I love bus rides.
  15. The ugliest handwriting award should go to me, because I can’t even read what I write sometimes (or maybe most times!)
  16. Fart(ster)
  17. This is embarrassing, but I really don’t know how to cook!
  18. Favourite colour? I love everything neutral / pastel
  19. I like to keep things to its minimal

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