365 days ago wedding prep (part 5)

Initially, Fiq didn’t wanna have any pre-wedding photoshoot. God knows for whatever reasons he has. I didn’t pressure him any further since he has already made up his mind that he prefers to have a post wedding shots instead. Entah ape angin that very day, he was hanging with Syahruz, Fiq texted me if I wanted to do a pre-wedding photoshoot. I was 110687miles away from home, and obviously I SAID YES. Siapa tak mahu wey! And this was 2 weeks to our wedding.

I don’t really take surprises very well, but THIS was an exception!

Otak kacau while on my sector back home. Later that day, I thought I could wake up on time to get what I needed for the photo shoot. GUESS WHAT? Bride to be overshot tidor! This was unintentional you see. I was working the night away back from London, so its legit kan? I’m lucky that the mister take hints. I made a mood board and posted it on IG. Perhaps the man himself knew that I couldn’t wake up on time with all that jet lags and stuff, he went to shop for the props himself.

Really impressed with what he got for the props, of which he got the helium balloons, fresh gerberra (my favourite colour, no less!) and he was handsomely dressed just like what I imagined it to be. Cair you!  Time nak amek gambar tu la, saya baru nak siap-siap. Can you imagine how kancheong I was? The moment I saw the clock shows 4PM, I knew I had to rush. MAH-SHIONG (everything must do at once). Although the photoshoot is just across my block, nak kejar sunset punyer pasal everything must kelam kabut. The photoshoot was done at Portsdown which is 5mins away from my moms’ place by the way.

There used to be a railway track before we can cross over to walk up the bukit, but now its togel already without the railway track. So can you imagine Fiq and Syahruz have to pikul my basikal and the balloons and all the other props yang sewaktu dengan nya? Kakak here jalan maseh terkedek-kedek seng-seng the kain. We were really lucky that day. The whole time while the photoshoot was on going, the sun corporate well with us, apparently that morning, Fiq said it was raining heavily.

That explains why I was sleeping soundly la kan! 😀

The weather was really perfect, the egg yolk sinks perfectly into the horizon that evening. Kita da macam budak yang sungguh excited main-main with the helium gas and naik turun bukit with the basikal. Ah-ah you guys, kita cycle up and down just to get that cycle shot. Sampai jatuh terduduk ni dua orang, tapi tetap nak amek gambar lagi! It took us less than 3hours to get all the shots that Syahruz needed. And I really can’t thank him enough (for whatever he did) that made Fiq changes his mind about the pre-wedding photo shoot. It really came as a last minute surprise for me and he was being so sweet. Syahruz too made it all easy for us to be ourselves. So awkward to pose in front of the our friend photographer.

Our photographer needs no introduction anymore, they’re none other than Blissphoto+cinema. The husbands’ pride and joy. We engaged Syahruz as our photographer. We were considering two other photography vendor, but after much discussion, we thought “Eh, orang kuat Bliss nak kahwin, tak kan nak choose other vendor kan?” What we had in mind initially were ‘Analog Affair’ and ‘Kudegraphy‘. Have you seen their work? Terbaik sekali! So much have been said, I shall let the photographs do the talking now. 10210479266_2dbe91aa14 10210571143_f2b51e04c1 10210440605_5d2330f76c 10210450856_570827d6ef1385236_10151747007362462_1902624432_n 1381362_10151747006852462_2059171638_n 1377188_10151747005907462_927776361_n 10312_10151747007292462_1520474081_n 1401328_10151747006882462_876013449_o 1397081_10151747006612462_99158500_o

Like a dream came true, everything falls in place just like what we had in mind. Thank you awak for being the sweetest person ever. Sayang teramat!

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