9 Dec 2011


“Selamat hari berkenalan sayang, nah.. flowers for you!’ – Fiq

Every 9th of December holds a special place in our hearts. On that very day was the first time I met Fiq’s mom, on our first date. We’ve been contacting each other through Facebook, and we never asked for each other contact number. (the odds) After two weeks of exchanging messages, we decided to meet up. That week he had reservist and it happened that I was on a weeks’ leave. I was really nervous!! I said yes to a dinner date with this dude who I barely spoke while at Shameen + Fyi wedding, and here I am getting myself all choked up. I have never ride a bike before, Fiq said that he’ll fetch me from his camp and then we’ll drop by his place to freshen up.

OMG, this dude is really something. First date and already nak bawak balek rumah?! BIAR BETUL THIS KID.

All he said was, “I want you to meet my family.” His cab arrived shortly, and if you know me well enough, I am never the one who is quiet. Surprisingly, we both kept talking till we reached his place. That moment of truth is here, I always thought meeting the family on a first date is not a great idea, but too late… already at the doorstep la kan! That clueless look on mine and his mom? PRICELESS. Left his place for dinner, and we had mcdonalds on our first date 😀 Dah buang tebiat agaknya first date makan mcd. Every where else is closed by then so we settled for that. Heeren mcd, da tutop pon tu tempat. Up till date, each time we have mcd, we always always always talk about our first date and we never get tired of it. To many more fillet-o-fish date my love ❤

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