To 2015

Someone used to tell me that once you have reached 25year old, time will pass you by real fast. I didn’t wanna believe it in the beginning, looks like it has proven me right. 9 more days till 2015, where did 2014 go? Macam tak rasa gitu.

Eversince we started dating, Fiq and I have been keeping all of thoughts in our 365 journal. That journal doesn’t seem to be going anywhere ever since we got married. Without fail every year we’ll write our personal achievements and also situation that doesn’t seem to move along our directions.

As for me? I am looking forward to our yearly resolutions!

I have a strong feeling out of that 5, perhaps I’ve achieved maybe 1 or 2 (or maybe none at all?) Can’t really remember what I wrote, but I hope it is something I should have achieved or maybe improve further. Insyaallah. Moving forward, I knew along the way in 2014, I have made greater achievements.

  • One of which, was my hijab movement. Although it isn’t something big, it was a huge leap for me. I used to tell myself that I wasn’t ready knowing me being the rebel one. To know whether or not you are ready, one have to overcome the fear and contain her inner self.
  • I managed to stick to my day job. Before I left, I used to tell myself if all else fails, I have a year to come back and reconsider my career path. I’m glad I didn’t look back since day 1. Here I am adapting well here!
  • One of my many goals was to travel around the world with my loved one. This year itself, we travelled to 5 different countries in a span of 365 days. Of which were nothing less than a week. Alhamdullilah rezeki orang baru kahwin, dapat lah berlayar sana sini.

There are still a lot of things that I’d love to do, travel to places, to achieve greater heights and I am still very determined to be a house wife someday. I’ll sort it out within this 9 days, for my 2015 resolution. Till my next entry folks!

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