KL Staycation

29 DEC; Before we arrived into KL, Fiq and myself had a long day at work. Both of us thought that we should stay awake so that we won’t miss out our alarm clock. Lucky for us, we had the alarm clock ringing non-stop for a good 30mins. We reached the at 45mins to take off. Ahhhh these two never learn their lesson one! Nasib there is this concierge looking out for passengers on our flight. Da kene pekik takpe, kita kene lecture la sey :s

Haiz, so much drama just for a short trip la kan!

It was an impromptu decision to fly to KL for a short trip. Although it was just a 2D1N kinda trip, we manage to visit a relative house in Subang Jaya. KL for me is just like Singapore, except for a fact that it is really inaccesible if you need to get to places that is pretty far from the main city. What I like about this trip has got to be the life skill exchange by my uncle who was once living in Singapore but decided to move over to Malaysia for good. That leap of faith turned him into a successful person till date. His advise for us? NEVER stop at our convenience, push yourself to the limit. Earn more and spend as much. That second liner I super sokong.


Makan lagi ke? OH TIDAK! This time I borong all types of shawls that is available at Jalan Tengku Abdul Rahman a.k.a Jalan Masjid India. There’s just too many to choose from. Otak kacau okay! No two shops has the similar types of shawl that I was looking for. How can it go wrong for a piece of shawl going for RM5?!

Fiq was like “Beli aje la awak, mana nak dapat harga macam nie kat Sg!” BETUL CAKAP SUAMIKU. Spent close to RM200 on shawls, peniti + pin, snood, inner lining etc. More than 15units worth of hijab stuff for just ONE head. HAHAHA.

Our hotel stay was pretty much near to everywhere. My uncle suggested for us to stay in KL sentral Aloft Hotel. Aloft hotel is actually part of W hotel group. My uncle is the mastermind for our hotel stay. He and his daughters did some research/review for us. Again, my uncle surprised us. For his age I wouldn’t expect him to know of such hip hotel places, I guess, having daughters the same age as me, it makes it all easy. Yang penting.. I get to accumulate my staycation points with my starwood preferred cards! (dulu kita collect points nak makan free kat mcdonalds, sekarang upgrade collect points for krisflyer milleage la, starwoods preferred cards la. Yang penting, travel for comfort. That’s my motto eversince I was flying)



30 DEC; the next day it was all about the food. We didn’t wanna spend so much time travelling to places that is away from our convenience, so we decided to head down to PUBLIKA instead. We haven’t get to try most of the eateries there, and we had a few on our list of makan itinerary too! (dasar PBG) The highlight of our to makan list has got to be Boat Noodle restaurant. We’ve seen so many photos on IG of this place, so we decided to give it a try. The purpose of this restaurant is to stack up the bowl as much as possible. Which means you need to eat ALOT! The portion of the nodle were very little, its like there’s only 6 strands of noodles and a little bit of gravy and some meat by the side. Fiq and myself surrended on our 8th bowl.

Before boat noodle, we had an all american breakfast at The RedBean Bag. So much hype about this place, but the food was just so meh to me. I tasted better IMHO. But, I love the interior of this place, so cosy and very melbournised kind of concept. Moving on, we had some time before our driveer picks us up so we went to “Outdated Shop”. This place also another otak kacau tempat. So many perkakas rumah that will leave you wanting for more. I belom ade rumah, so I kene tunggu lor till 2016 before I get it on with all the perhiasan rumah dan segala yang sewaktu dengan nya. Harga dia pon melampau, I tak approve 😦

Lastly, kita ke wondermilk. I know I know, tempat overhype, but I like the feel whenever I am there. The guys who served us were friendly as compared to the other cafe bakeries we went to. I can just sit all day having churros and watch the day pass me by. I am easily contented, like that 😀

2015 is just days away, I cant wait to countdown til March, April, Jun for my next upcoming holidays! Life is all about travelling these days, yes?

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