62KG balls!!

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I’ve been wearing heels the past weeks and I think I am developing leg muscles unnecessarily! Myth is that, kalau pakai heels nampak macam slim like that. Key word is MACAM but we all know.. tak mahu macam-macam la kan. I’ve been contemplation to sign up for gym since forever, but what’s stoping me?


Tried on my sq kebaya, it fits perfectly well till I decide to let go of my breath, I was suffocating. These bulge on my tummy stop it sey. Make me confused at times if I am pregnant or not especially on months when the ‘red blooded women’ decide to come a lil late. Dah kahwin, I tak keep track, mana tahu rezeki? The past 3weeks, I’ve been on a no carb diet (fries included eh!) till my husband got pissed at me for the ridiculous meal timing that I painstakingly told myself to follow through. Oh honey, you nak bini you badan macam Miranda Kerr takkk? HAHAHA!

Apart from looking good for my husband, I wanna be at my best too. When you’re at your 30’s, everything pretty much slows down, and that includes your metabolism too. To prevent that from happening which I am 2years shy from, I need to start somewhere kan? You wouldn’t wanna know what I have been up to tau.

  • I’ve been walking a lot, no cabs just standing up in buses + trains (which includes running for the bus sometimes when I am running late).
  • Fiq, bought for us badminton rackets which my husband has that semangat seminit attitude and me always trying to find kaki’s to play with me
  • And last but not the least, which I hope to maintain this weekly netball friendly game over at Kallang netball centre. Since school, I have been playing netball all my life, no reason to be malas hor?

If these exercises didn’t catch your attention, I’ve been having salad for lunch each time while I’m at work. My working pattern revolves on a 4work day week, so lantak lah salad macam kambing. It’s not that bad, I do have my cheat meals once a week. For dinner, I’ll grab a sandwich and I’ll make sure to consume before 8PM. Yes this my friends, that got my husband thinking, why did I torture myself with this regime. HAHAHA. Tried to make Fiq join me, but I think my husband needs all the food he can get cause he often skip his meals in the day. (alasan aje tao!) 😀

As the title speaks, I am determined to lose those kilos and get back my 55KG weight back. Da buat madam-madam activity kalau tak kurus-kurus tak tau ape nak cakap!

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