On the other side

Yesterday was the first time ever we spent a good half day in JB. My parents in law whom I haven’t been seeing them for the longest time suggested that we should head down to JB to do some groceries. My friends would know that me and Fiq? not the kind to drive in and out of JB.

After much persuasion from the parental unit, we gave in and drove in. Surprise, surprise! There wasn’t any jam at all. We were expecting a heavy line to enter causeway because it is almost time to peak hours. Less than 5minutes through the immigration and we were already in.

First stop, MIL suggested GIANT southern city. We didn’t plan on to get our groceries done, but seeing how messed up our work schedule, we decided to get everything that we needed for the crib. Since we’re already here, kita borong barang dapur for 2 months supply. YES GUYS, 2MONTHS SUPPLY! Suami saya waras, cuma dia ada kelakar seram! HAHAHAHA! Spent close to RM600, which is as good as $200++. With that amount IMHO, we won’t be able to get everything in pairs. Most probably with that amount, we’ll get a month expenditure just for laundry and barang makanan. I hope my maid gets the hint that we’re stocking up and NOT TO use the dynamo or softlan like nobody’s business.

After shopping our noon off, we went to Pandan City. Akhirnya tercapai jugak! I’ve always heard of friends talk about Pandan City and their never ending list of food stalls. I had my first try on the peepeess? It tasted like otak-otak! I had 3plates of that, not shy lor this girl, WIN LIAO! The thing about my PIL, they love to eat! Lantak la kau!

We had wanted to continue our journey to Angsana to get MIL her stuff but Fiq was already tired and NONE of us in the car knew how to drive except for my FIL who have already hint to us that he’s gonna be at the backseat throughout. hahaha! My husband + his family has got some humour there! And I?.. I was yawning all the way till we reach kastam. Macam dia pulak yang drive! (whats’ new?!)

Nonetheless, it was fun and a great bonding sesh with the in laws over food. Can’t imagine us going on holiday together. MIL kept talking about Vietnam, ade channnnn kita ke sana next! HAHAHA 😀

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