R is for Rumah

Although I have probably 2 years or less more to go before our house is ready, I can’t help to smile widely as I google some reads on the WWW about our estate. Came across this property website (I am not too sure if this is legit enough) that caught my attention with his honest reviews. Who am I to kid when the house that I have yet to live is already rocketing close to half a million bucks? Someone once asked me, are you really sure this is what you wanna pay for a shoe size house?


Honestly guys, if you ask me if I’d rather pay for something cheaper and live in punggol/sengkang/CCK? My answer for you guys will be a definite NO. In terms of our work place and leisure, it’ll take us much more time to travel. Besides that, we both do not have any relatives that’s staying around the area, so we don’t see a point living there too. We did try balloting for areas in the east side like tampines, pasir ris or bedok for the matter, but somehow or rather, our ballot number got way bigger than the capacity can hold. Fiq has been living on the east side all his life, I don’t really mind jumping on the bandwagon, tetapi takde rezeki bro, lupakan sahaja.

I still vividly remember that we almost gave up balloting for a home under BTO scheme, to a point of buying a resale flat of my choice and that is at the Pinnacle @ Duxton. That house, the harga tiap tahun melambung, tak pernah turun lor. We sent in our application under sales of balance flats, and got ourselves a queue number but at that same time we also did ballot for ‘Live Near Your Parents’ scheme too at Ghim Moh Edge, Alhamdulillah, we received both response!

It was really unexpected tao 😀

A year has passed and right about now, Fiq and I have been discussing if we should do some major renovation or just minor ones since we have envisioned ourselves living out of Singapore in 10 years to come. Whats a house if you dont call it a home, and it is not a home if you do not enjoy living in it kan? Being typically me, I preferred the latter. The purpose of this blog post was to actually share with you about the reviews on the property blog that we stumbled across. His reviews totally blew me off my feet. I mean yea, come on, living in Queenstown is really expensive but perhaps in 5-10 years to come, maybe the value will keep increasing just like that of the Pinnacle! (which I am still in hopes of living there someday though)

I knew I had to share this with Fiq!

ghim moh edge

Not I say one ah.. hehehehe! 😀

Well honey, rest assured. This place that we’re gonna call home is definitely worth our effort. This is the best place on earth that we invested, inshallah in a year’s time we’ll be sitting by the window having tea and scones watching our favourite teevoo series and just laze the day away! Can’t freakin’ wait!

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