nak muka puteh please?

2015/01/img_1627.jpgOne of my many resolutions this year is to keep up with my facial regime. Eversince I left the airline, I haven’t really been taking good care of my facial care. I’ve stopped using the whitening skin care ever since I came back from Maldives (because I thought it’s nice to look a lil tan but nope, I don’t look me sey!), some nights after shower I’ll head straight to bed without putting on any hydration cream on my face and last but not the least, I am guilty of skipping the step whereby you need to slab on the toner and serum which is really crucial before putting anything on my face 😦

Some months back I went for a beauty course conducted by none other our very own in house beauty professional. A lot of skin care regime shared across the room and I can’t help but to notice a colleague of mine who is already in her mid thirties but she doesn’t even look close to that age group. She has flawless skin and I tell you, muka dia kilat like macam the bulan  is always shining on her if it makes any sense at all to you. I love talking to people who are not lokek with informative stuff like this and she is so humble despite the numerous compliments  received from the class.

In that span of 2hours, I managed to get some useful tips from the instructor herself and of course, without wasting any time, I went to order more of our in-house brand of facial care and these are some of beauty favourites which have served me good for the past months! I am slowly getting back my fairer self, alhamdullilah! Here’s the list of beauty product that I have been using.

  • CHANEL Hydra Beauty Lotion (moisturising toner without alcohol) – I love this so much because it doesn’t give me the tingling feeling each time I wipe the face with the cotton wools. Love the camellia smell too. So fresh and refreshing!
  • CHANEL Ultra Correction Lift (eye cream) – In my line of work, I have to face the computer for at least 5-7 hours of my time. My eyes do get tired from looking at the computer and this works like magic! Not only it reduce fine lines around the eyes, it helps you reduce puffiness too. I had puffy eyes before this because I squint my eyes each time I use the computer at times, and this is seriously god sent!
  • CHANEL LeBlanc Whitening Creme + Serum – If you need fast result to reduce the dark spots on your face, this is the combination ladies. I do have little bumps and spots on my face, and when I started using this, it reduces the bumps and also it whitens instantly. I have friends that do notice the dark spots getting lesser and they thought I went for some kind of laser treatment or something. Although this is good for whitening, I suggest you guys use this on alternate days, reason being it gets pretty dry and I use Laneige on alternate days which I will be explaining on that on that shortly.
  • CHANEL Eau Douceur – Before I was introduced to this product, I use make up remover wipes to remove my make up. I was told that using make up wipes may not be 100% suitable because it doesn’t clean well. If your are a heavy eye make up person, this thing clean effortlessly! This one I tak bedek. You put this on a cotton wool, leave it on your eyes for a while, it removes all the make up. This work as a cleanser, if you are like me who no matter what, needs to wash the face off because you don’t like that oily feeling, you can also wash your face and it doesn’t keep your skin dry.
  • CHANEL Le Jour (day) & Le Weekend – Apart from whitening products I try to use different serum for different occasion like this two. They have another version La Nuit (night). This seri is like an extra step before you start using your make up. It supposed to be making your skin soft but I have yet to any results on this two products because I have just started using this a week ago. So far, it gives you a soft and smooth surface and it makes you look young and radiant. Me like the sound of it, I hope my skin will be more radiant after a month of using this two combo. I didn’t get the La Nuit because I have other night cream and serum which I live by ever since I started using it. But you ladies may wanna try it?
  • Laneige Water Bank essence – THIS IS THE PRODUCT THAT YOU LADIES NEED TO START USING! hahaha. ok sorry for the caps but this is really good if you have very dry skin. I use this on alternate days together with my Chanel LeBlanc series. Whitening products make your skin even much drier than it already is, so this is a really good use for alternate days!
  • Laneige White Plus renew essence – This works just the same like the Le Blanc serum, but because Le blanc does make my skin dry, I alternate with this whitening serum from Laneige. Not only it whitens your skin, it also hydrates your skin too. There is never a day, my skin looked like as if its gonna cracked each time I am not using any make up. hehehe!
  • Lancome Genefique – Before genefique, I have been using Clarins Double Serum. I was told by the beauty therapist that I shouldn’t use too much anti ageing since I am still under 30 years old. I should only use it once and perhaps change to something else for maintaining purposes. Since I have finished up my first bottle of Clarins, I swapped to genefique as this too works just like anti ageing. But this is much of a lighter version and much much suitable for a non mature skin texture as told by the beauty therapist. Googled some read up to find a lot of positive reviews on genefique too. I used genefique some time back, but I stopped half way even before finishing the whole bottle. Time to finish this up and get some results!
  • Origins Clay Mask – To be advised because I heard this works the same just like my KOSE black mask. So this is my replacement for my KOSE for now and update more in due time!

Hope these have been some kind of helpful if you are looking for a good whitening/hydration/maintenance product. Till my next beauty blabbering session ladies, have a great weekend 😀

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