annual getaway

Since last year, we have been contemplating if we should fly up to Europe for our annual holiday trip. Last year we flew to many of our to-go list like Maldives, South Korea & Perth. Oh yes, last year was simply pukulan habisan holiday almaklumlah, the year before that we were saving up majorly for the wedding. Where are we heading to you may ask? hehehe.

Kita nak bawak husband pergi ke london + paris luhhh!

London have always been my favourite city ever since flying. Although I’ve set foot for numerous time, there is just something about London that leaves me wanting for more. I love their supermarket, drug store and last but not the least.. SHOPPING! I am really glad that my husband is going with me on this trip. I have so many plans up my sleeves and one of the many trips that I am looking forward to is the day trip to Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio! Nie tempat I belom pernah pergi, cukup time nanti I lagi ghairah than any kid. hehehe.

Fiq leave the entire trip itinerary to me because he thinks that I can kerja tour guide next time if ever I decided to leave Chanel. HAHAHA! Not funny eh awak.

Paris, I am really skeptical about the trip to this city mainly because of 1) the recent shootout scared the shit out of me and all this protest against muslims is not close to kelakar. God knows orang-orang gila roam around the street and start shooting? 2) This city is not entirely what you may think it is. The city is a beauty but not the people and all I can think of the mussels at Leon’s. Kalau tak pasal nie mussels, I would probably skip the idea of heading to Paris.

Tapikan, it will be so selfish of me not to visit Paris, because Fiq been on it eversince, and I know he havent been to these places, so I would definitely want him to experience these places with me. AWWWW sweet or not? Even before we got married, we have always promise one another to travel together and this is one of the many travelogue that we’ve anticipated so far.



We’re still undecided if we should jump on the bandwagon with staying in via AirBnB or just stick to hotels. Out of the many Airbnb stay, most of the apartment are higher in price as compared to the hotels. Talk about going cheap eh. Murah ke hape.. NOT! I convinced Fiq that staying in a hotel is not so bad given the fact that we’ll be out the whole time, why do we even need a stove to masak when most of the time we’ll be having dinner at the ever famous diners, Wine & Co, and breakfast at the infamous The Breakfast Club & The Muffin Man kan? Seee, you get my point right?

After much persuasion, he agreed that whatever pointers that I have lay out does make sense. We only manage to book our hotel on our first sector here in London. We have yet to finalized our stay in Paris and also the return accommodation in London. I am not usually this fussy when it comes to our hotel stay, not so sure why for this upcoming Europe trip makes me feel the need to carefully plan out our expenditure. Baru hotel and air ticket da nak masok $3000++ blom kira duit pembelanjaan you guys.. I’ll save the next entry on our air tickets great deal and hotel accommodation the next time, for now its time for me to HUAT all the way because February been a great month thus far and I can’t wait to share with you, more on that next time, till then!

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